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You’d think after 15 years in retail I would be used to this, but every year I think I’ll be able to, I dunno, DO something, or see people, or pretend I have a life outside of the store, but every year I am wrong.  Oh well, it is what it is, right?  Supporting my family is the most important thing, and thank God for Amazon and Etsy– without them, no one would get anything for Christmas!

That said, I AM still working on LIVE FOR ME, and it is coming together.  This has been a very hard book to write, and I really hope it doesn’t suck after all this time.  I am still holding out hope for getting it to you before this year is out, but please don’t kill me if I’m wrong!

Speaking of the Everetts of Tyler, FIGHT FOR ME got a great review over at Satin Sheets Romance today!  5 Pillows and 2 Flames!


Aaaaaand…. since it’s been forever (or 5 weeks, whatever), a snippet from Live For Me!

Haleigh stood transfixed, the woman in the mirror unfamiliar. She’d spent the better part of two hours in Robin’s stylist chair, lotions and potions and whatnot applied to her hair and face, and now she… She was downright sultry. Added to the clothes her friend had finagled her into wearing, she felt like someone else, someone confident, someone sexy. She smiled, her teeth white behind her painted lips. She knew better than to think she could jump in with both feet, but she had ensured Georgia could spend the night with the Sinclairs anyway. If she was going to look like this, she wasn’t wasting it—Caleb was going to see her in all her glory. The thought sent butterflies skittering through her stomach. Maybe not all her glory, but he was definitely seeing this.

You look spectacular,” Robin said from behind her.

I look like someone else.”

Robin’s eyes narrowed in her reflection. “You asked for that.”

I did, it’s just hard to get used to. I’m not this woman.” She had never dreamed she could be this woman, and she was still unsure whether she liked it. She didn’t look cheap by any means, but she looked untouchable, and that wasn’t her goal. Robin had done an amazing job, but underneath the paint she was still the same broken down house.

You can be,” Robin said quietly. “You don’t always have to be therapist and mommy. Sometimes you can be a woman.”

I don’t know how,” she admitted, the idiocy of her words ringing in her head.