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2013 has given way to 2014 and while I can’t say 2013 was a bad year, I’m excited to begin a new one.  While we did buy a house at the end of February, I did not have a book release, and that is something that will definitely change this year!  In fact, there will be two books released in 2014 come hell or high water!

And now I’d better get myself back over to one of those books I just promised!


Oh, and speaking of Live For Me….  A snippet!

You still with me?” Caleb asked from across the table and she pulled herself out of her thoughts.


Not just then. Where were you?”

She toyed with her food and he waited for an answer. “Upstairs,” she finally admitted quietly.

His smile was boyish. “Oh, really?”

It’s your fault.”

I am pretty irresistible.”

She loved him like this. Carefree, playful, seemingly unburdened by all that had transpired today. “Yes you are.” She flashed a grin before righting Georgia’s sippy-cup for the third time. “Even when you’re being impossible.”

I’m not impossible,” he denied and she laughed.