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So, yeah, it’s been… WAY too long since I wrote a post, but I have been working on another book, so there’s that, right?

If you’re following on Twitter and/or Facebook, you might’ve caught the cover for DECEIVE, the next book on tap. This book is the first in the Aylesford series but is following characters you know well from the Everett series, Chris Delmonico and Tiffany Morgan. It’s nice to finally give Tiff her full backstory and point of view, and we all love Detective Delmonico (well, I do, at least). So… without further ado, this is the official post with the cover (provided by the wonderful Francessca Wingfield of Francessca’s PR & Design), and an excerpt as well. The plan is to have this book out for you this fall!


“I can’t believe you talked me into this, Delmonico,” Tiffany Morgan whispered as the two made their way into the lavish ballroom of the Aylesford Suites. “An actual ball? I’m no Cinderella.”

His chuckle was warm. “I’m far from Prince Charming, Tiff,” came his reply. “But who the hell else could I talk into going with me? Gemma?”

“Your sister would’ve come in a heartbeat.”

He shook his head. “She would’ve annoyed me the whole time. Instead, I get to hang out with you when I have to wear this monkey suit.”

She laughed at that. Chris Delmonico in a tuxedo was a sight to behold, his Italian good looks and muscled body wrapped in the sexiest suit ever made for a man. She held in the feminine sound that wanted to come out, saying instead, “You clean up all right, Delmonico.”

His dark eyes danced with laughter. “And you know you’re gorgeous, even if you can’t wear heels yet.” He stuck out his arm. “Let’s make a scene.”


Tiffany was sipping champagne when Haleigh Everett made her way to her side. “Decide you’re well enough to skip your last appointment?”

“Didn’t you tell me I was ready for duty?” she asked the physical therapist.

The other blonde nodded. “I did, but you still need to keep up with your exercises. Your bones have healed, but the ligaments and muscles are in need of maintenance.”

She sighed. “I know you’re right, but continuing with therapy for eighteen months seems like overkill. I didn’t wear heels tonight—hell, I probably won’t ever wear them again—but I need to be able to run after suspects to do my job.”

“I know, and I’m sorry to confront you here when you’re all dolled up. I just don’t want you to reinjure yourself if I can help you avoid it.”

She smiled, fully aware the admonishment was coming from a place of concern. “I will make sure to keep my appointments from now on,” she gestured toward the other woman’s slightly protruding belly, “or at least until you add another Everett to the clan.”

Haleigh’s smile was bright. “Things are so different this time around. Caleb is amazing, and there’s family everywhere.”

“All that love is a little overwhelming, I know,” she agreed, thinking of not only the Everetts but the Delmonicos and Jamiesons. All were relatively large families with still happily married parents, and all were almost smothering with how much they loved their children and by extension the people in their orbit. She had been nearly adopted by the Everetts years ago after trying to save Cassidy, and again after being involved with Caleb and Camryn’s cases. It was so different from the way she’d been raised, it still made her uncomfortable on occasion. “But that is exactly what little baby Everett needs.”

Haleigh laid her hand across her belly. “I know. I can’t believe I’m here, married to Caleb Everett, living this life. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll wake up and find this has all been a dream.”