She’s Alive!


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I told you I was bad at blogging….

I have been adding words!

I’m also suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper slow at writing, so there’s that. At least you knew this. I have, however, been adding words to Deceive recently, so you should get a finished book before long. This last nearly 2 years of horribleness has done nothing to help with creativity. And… in real life, I started a business, so it’s been busy and crazy, and all the things.

Once Deceive is finished, edited, and out, I plan to move right on to the next book I have planned (and, no, I’m not telling what that is). Hopefully, that means it won’t take me 52 years between books like it has been.

Till next time!


Man, I am BAD at this Blogging Thing


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So, yeah, it’s been… WAY too long since I wrote a post, but I have been working on another book, so there’s that, right?

If you’re following on Twitter and/or Facebook, you might’ve caught the cover for DECEIVE, the next book on tap. This book is the first in the Aylesford series but is following characters you know well from the Everett series, Chris Delmonico and Tiffany Morgan. It’s nice to finally give Tiff her full backstory and point of view, and we all love Detective Delmonico (well, I do, at least). So… without further ado, this is the official post with the cover (provided by the wonderful Francessca Wingfield of Francessca’s PR & Design), and an excerpt as well. The plan is to have this book out for you this fall!


“I can’t believe you talked me into this, Delmonico,” Tiffany Morgan whispered as the two made their way into the lavish ballroom of the Aylesford Suites. “An actual ball? I’m no Cinderella.”

His chuckle was warm. “I’m far from Prince Charming, Tiff,” came his reply. “But who the hell else could I talk into going with me? Gemma?”

“Your sister would’ve come in a heartbeat.”

He shook his head. “She would’ve annoyed me the whole time. Instead, I get to hang out with you when I have to wear this monkey suit.”

She laughed at that. Chris Delmonico in a tuxedo was a sight to behold, his Italian good looks and muscled body wrapped in the sexiest suit ever made for a man. She held in the feminine sound that wanted to come out, saying instead, “You clean up all right, Delmonico.”

His dark eyes danced with laughter. “And you know you’re gorgeous, even if you can’t wear heels yet.” He stuck out his arm. “Let’s make a scene.”


Tiffany was sipping champagne when Haleigh Everett made her way to her side. “Decide you’re well enough to skip your last appointment?”

“Didn’t you tell me I was ready for duty?” she asked the physical therapist.

The other blonde nodded. “I did, but you still need to keep up with your exercises. Your bones have healed, but the ligaments and muscles are in need of maintenance.”

She sighed. “I know you’re right, but continuing with therapy for eighteen months seems like overkill. I didn’t wear heels tonight—hell, I probably won’t ever wear them again—but I need to be able to run after suspects to do my job.”

“I know, and I’m sorry to confront you here when you’re all dolled up. I just don’t want you to reinjure yourself if I can help you avoid it.”

She smiled, fully aware the admonishment was coming from a place of concern. “I will make sure to keep my appointments from now on,” she gestured toward the other woman’s slightly protruding belly, “or at least until you add another Everett to the clan.”

Haleigh’s smile was bright. “Things are so different this time around. Caleb is amazing, and there’s family everywhere.”

“All that love is a little overwhelming, I know,” she agreed, thinking of not only the Everetts but the Delmonicos and Jamiesons. All were relatively large families with still happily married parents, and all were almost smothering with how much they loved their children and by extension the people in their orbit. She had been nearly adopted by the Everetts years ago after trying to save Cassidy, and again after being involved with Caleb and Camryn’s cases. It was so different from the way she’d been raised, it still made her uncomfortable on occasion. “But that is exactly what little baby Everett needs.”

Haleigh laid her hand across her belly. “I know. I can’t believe I’m here, married to Caleb Everett, living this life. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll wake up and find this has all been a dream.”


Shameless Self-Promotion


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If you liked the cover of my book,
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Onward and Upward!


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Now that Ache For Me is out and selling (it could use some reviews if anyone feels so inclined– so could Live For Me, just throwing it out there), it’s time for the next book. I have a few I’d like to write this coming year, and if I can actually keep my shit together (and my health in check), I’m hoping you’ll get a book from Aylesford and a book from Ashford Hills this year (of course, you know me– I have been known to think big and then take forfreakingever to write a book, so let’s hope I can make this work).

So, back I go to writing this next book set in Aylesford (any guesses who the central characters are?) and hopefully I’ll have a snippet to give you soon!

It’s LIVE!


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Ache For Me is Live today, and the first review is in (and good!) Grab a copy of Carter and Camryn’s story now.


I tried something new with the series, so at least for the next three months Ache For Me and the rest of the series is FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The Everetts of Tyler

Ache For Me is Coming SOON!


So… It took forever, but Ache For Me will finally release December 12th!

The rest of the series is on sale for those who haven’t read them yet (and my, don’t the covers look good together!)

The Everetts of Tyler

Closing in on “The End”


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I am the worst blogger in history, I know, but I really am closing in on “The End” for Ache For Me. I am also in the process of changing the covers over for the whole series. The original covers are awesome (thank you, Jodi!), but since it’s been sooooooooo long since I published Live For Me, creating a cohesive series look seemed a good idea. And, it proved to be a wonderful one. Kim Killion is amazeballs. I can’t recommend her enough. Check out The Killion Group, you won’t regret it!

So… You might not be able to buy them with these covers quite yet… but here they are!

And, I’d better get back to Carter and Camryn!

*Finally* Writing Again


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So, I’ve been stuck in real life and illness and responsibilities and all manner of crap, but I am back to Camryn and Carter’s story and am resolved to have it to you this year. Yes, I know that means two years between releases, and right now the plot is making me insane, but I love these two and I hope you will, too!  So… an excerpt?

Really? After everything your family has been through in the last few years, you don’t worry about your sister singing in a nightclub till after midnight?”

I didn’t say we weren’t concerned,” Mason started.

You need to hit the bag or something, man,” Caleb interrupted. “You’re too worked up and you’re going to hurt someone.”

That someone would be me,” Mason said. “Look, she’s fine, and she’s not singing there anymore, right?”

For now.”

She’s a grown woman, Carter.”

Caleb’s eyebrows rose. “Sometimes I think he should’ve been the brother and you should be the friend. You know his name fits better.”

It wasn’t the first time he’d heard that, and it always made his skin crawl. The way he felt about Camryn already felt borderline incestuous. He didn’t need her brothers to point it out. “Just because your mom named you without a C doesn’t mean she loves you any less. Probably.”

Mason slugged him in the left shoulder. “She named me after herself. She loves me more, first born and all.”

Yeah, yeah,” Caleb agreed with a sigh. “Get back to work. You two won’t learn anything standing around jawing.”

Okay, Doc. You want me to beat the bag or your brother?”

Caleb gave him a small smile. “Definitely my brother.

Migraine Awareness….


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So, June is Migraine Awareness month and of course those of us with this affliction are well aware of them, but I have been especially knocked out this year. In fact, I am WAY behind on both books I’ve been working on–ACHE FOR ME and BURN– but as soon as they are actually books and not, well, the collection of chapters I have so far I will share them with you.

Actually, since I haven’t posted anything in, like, four months, maybe you’d like an excerpt or two? Yes?

ACHE FOR ME (The Everetts of Tyler, Book 4)

Carter feigned sleep as long as he could, wondering what was going through Camryn’s head as he did. She’d been sobbing the night before, obviously shaken, and he hadn’t known what to do for her besides gather her in his arms. The decision had been the right one, but it’d been torture for him holding her and knowing that was all he could ever do. When her fingers slid across his biceps, feeling the muscle for a moment before trailing to his shoulder, he had to make himself known or pin her to the bed and take what he wanted.


Her hand immediately left his body. “Do you work out?”

She was wondering why he didn’t look like the nerdy pushover she remembered. He’d always stayed fit, but with brothers like his he’d been the runt. Smart, but not particularly athletic. In a family full of professional athletes, he was the one who played chess. He propped his head on one hand. “I’ve been learning martial arts with your brother.”

She laughed. “The doctor and the lawyer.”

Caleb is the teacher. Mason and I are learning.”

The doctor, the lawyer, and the banker?” She paused. “You’re lifting, too.”

Gotta stay healthy,” he replied before steering the conversation away from his physique. He might be learning some moves, and he did have a weekly session with a trainer, but he wasn’t vain. “What do you say I make coffee?” he asked before rolling away. It was morning and he’d held Camryn in his arms all night. He needed to make a quick and inconspicuous exit before she noticed more than his muscles were hard.

BURN (Aylesford Book 1)

Giving up on sleep herself, Belle headed for the bathroom, dropping onto the low stool tucked under the built in vanity. She had the look of a woman well-loved, but she needed to get into the shower and get started on work. She had new inventory coming in for fall and nowhere to put it, so despite the lack of a building, she had a business to run. A chill snaked down her spine. Did the arsonist mean to kill her when he burned the store down? Everyone knew she lived above her shop. She rubbed her arms. This wasn’t mere destruction of property, this was attempted murder. Pure hate. Who hated her enough to kill her? And for lingerie and sex toys?

She shook her head. There was a strip club in Tyler, and at least two full-blown sex shops in Sheridan. She swallowed. Hers was the raciest store by far in Aylesford, but it was tasteful and her ads weren’t any more risqué than the national chains. Shit, the largest chain in the world had fashion shows with nearly naked women wearing wings on national television. Seduction was small potatoes compared to that. She shrugged. Maybe not such small potatoes in a conservative southern town.

She’d met some push-back when she’d first opened, but had paid it little mind. Women needed to feel sexy, and their men—or women, she wasn’t judgmental—ate it up. So, who, then? Who would try to kill her to prove a point, to drive her away or at least shut down her business? She rubbed her temples. She didn’t have the answers, but she had a lot of questions. It’d been three days since she lost her shop, and there was always Gabe’s theory the arson had something to do with Nate. He’d said he hadn’t dated in months because of her. She ignored the curl of warmth that settled in her belly at the thought. She hadn’t dated either because it was pointless. No other man had elicited the chemistry she had with Nate. She’d just ignored it for too long.

She tugged at her hair to get her mind back on track. If Gabe was right, maybe someone wanted her out of the way because she wanted Nate to herself. He was an incredible specimen of male perfection, but to kill to get him? She watched her expression sour as she thought about what happened to Mason Everett not long ago, and prayed Nate was safe.

Love is Love


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Calligraphy by Julie Doan

So, I’m about to get political and a little preachy, but this is something that I felt I needed to write today, so here I am.

This past weekend a friend of ours lost his partner suddenly to a heart attack.  He wasn’t even forty, and I wish that were the saddest part of the story, but it’s not.  When he came out his parents disowned him, and they have been estranged for a number of years.  Now, when our friend called with the news of his untimely passing, the parents were not interested in coming to the funeral because they had “already mourned him.”


There are so many things wrong with the statement here, but I’ll go for the low-hanging fruit.  Disowning a child because you don’t agree with his choice of love is not just wrong, it’s shameful.  A parent should fight for her children, love them unconditionally.  To hate one aspect of your child so much that you declare him dead to you to the point of mourning him is despicable.

Let’s ignore the science and facts and pretend orientation is a choice for a moment.  Whatever happened to the old gem, “Hate the sin, love the sinner?” that my mother always said?  Whatever happened to loving your child even if you think they have made a mistake or a bad decision?  And here’s where I get a little religious: To call yourself a Christian and then hate those who do not do exactly as you see fit really misses what Jesus taught.  You are to love your neighbor and treat others as you wish to be treated.  Hate in any form is diametrically opposed to those teachings.

Of course, we know orientation is not a choice, and the fact that everyone is different should be not just tolerated but embraced.  Who would want to live in a world where everyone was the alike, anyway?  There is too much hate in this world, and violence against those who are different be it because of color, religion, orientation, or sports team is horrifying to say the least.

I know this is way off what I normally post, but I couldn’t leave it unsaid.  Everyone deserves to be allowed to love whomever they love publicly and equally, and everyone deserves to be loved by their parents unconditionally.