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So, I’ve been stuck in real life and illness and responsibilities and all manner of crap, but I am back to Camryn and Carter’s story and am resolved to have it to you this year. Yes, I know that means two years between releases, and right now the plot is making me insane, but I love these two and I hope you will, too!  So… an excerpt?

Really? After everything your family has been through in the last few years, you don’t worry about your sister singing in a nightclub till after midnight?”

I didn’t say we weren’t concerned,” Mason started.

You need to hit the bag or something, man,” Caleb interrupted. “You’re too worked up and you’re going to hurt someone.”

That someone would be me,” Mason said. “Look, she’s fine, and she’s not singing there anymore, right?”

For now.”

She’s a grown woman, Carter.”

Caleb’s eyebrows rose. “Sometimes I think he should’ve been the brother and you should be the friend. You know his name fits better.”

It wasn’t the first time he’d heard that, and it always made his skin crawl. The way he felt about Camryn already felt borderline incestuous. He didn’t need her brothers to point it out. “Just because your mom named you without a C doesn’t mean she loves you any less. Probably.”

Mason slugged him in the left shoulder. “She named me after herself. She loves me more, first born and all.”

Yeah, yeah,” Caleb agreed with a sigh. “Get back to work. You two won’t learn anything standing around jawing.”

Okay, Doc. You want me to beat the bag or your brother?”

Caleb gave him a small smile. “Definitely my brother.