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Um, I am REALLY late in writing this post, but I hope you forgive me.  Fight For Me was featured on Kindles and Wine with a 4.5 star review AND on TBQ’s Book Palace with a 4 star review last weekend (see, I told you I was late!)  Hopefully, the tweeting and facebooking (yeah, that’s totally a word), sent you over there, but in case you missed them, here are the links:


I have also been working too much, and not writing enough this week, so today’s snippet is a short one.  Chris Delmonico’s POV showed up in this book, too (gotta love a persistent man, dontcha?), and we learn a little more about his family and his past in this book.  (For all you Chris lovers out there (I’m looking at you, Heather), I promise his book is coming this year, but BURN is necessary first, I swear).

LFM Cover

Chris Delmonico brushed graham cracker crumbs from his jeans. When he’d pushed for this assignment, he hadn’t really thought it through beyond catching the asshole preying on preschoolers, but after being snotted on, painted, whined at, and bitten, he was ready for a break.

“Mister Chris?” a little redheaded girl he was fairly certain was named Ainsley asked while tugging on his hand. “I hafta go potty.”

Yeah, being a detective was awesome. Everything he ever wanted. “Okay, sweetie, let’s go.” He stood up to walk her to the kid sized bathroom inside the classroom, praying she was as well potty-trained as she was supposed to be. He knew one day he might want kids of his own, and he liked them—really, he did—but a room full of other people’s children, not related to him in any way, grated on his nerves.