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Good news: I have been slightly less distracted with the Olympics and have been writing.

Bad news: What I thought was a reveal in the plot turned into a twist…  We’ll see how that works out for our lovely hero and heroine.

So, first the excerpt from Fight For Me you expect on Wednesdays

He held back a groan. Was he sure? “I wanted to toss you on the floor before we left, pin you to the wall at your parents house, have you ride me in the truck. I am not the one who has to be sure, Cassie. It’s you.”

“I.” She closed her mouth, her eyes tracking the lights in the ceiling, and he prayed the rest of the sentence was “want you.”

And now, something I haven’t done in a great while–I read a book!  I know, I know, the ticker-tape parade should be headed my way any minute now.  All kidding aside, I haven’t been reading the way I used to because of this pesky writing thing (and no, I’m not complaining, just stating facts).  I actually, believe it or not, was able to read three books in the past couple weeks (to the detriment of sleep, but who needs that, right?)


Oddly, they are all series books, and two are the third of trilogies within series (I know, I know my addiction is showing).  First, we have Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis.  Third in the Chocoholics trilogy within the Lucky Harbor Series, this book is my favorite of the three and quite possibly my favorite of the six.  It centers on doctor, father, and weight-of-the-world carrier, Josh Scott and dog walker/nanny/bookkeeper/not-sure-what-she’s-doing Grace Brooks.  Of course, as expected, there are strong supporting characters in both sets of best friends (and stars of the two previous trilogy books), Mallory and Ty and Amy and Matt, not to mention Josh’s son and sister and the rest of the delightfully nosy citizens of Lucky Harbor.  Josh is trying to hold down the fort and control his world, and Grace is, well, Grace is a necessary and wonderful rocking to his boat.  You know me–I am not a synopsis writer, and I don’t do spoilers, but suffice to say this is a book (and series) so worth reading.

Next we have Double Down by Katie Porter.  This is the first of a series revolving around Air Force fighter pilots, and as soon as I finished this book I pre-ordered the other two.  Major Ryan Haverty has a predilection for role-play and when he meets Cassandra Whitman she’s wearing seamed stockings with her waitress uniform.  A hot and heavy relationship ensues, and although Cassandra is all-in with the role-playing, Ryan feels like his wants and needs are dirty and wrong.  This is a hot book, and although I think the good Major is way too hard on himself, I very much enjoyed it.

Last we have All Summer Long by Susan Mallery.  Like Forever and a Day, this is the third in a trilogy within a series, this one wrapping up the three Stryker brothers with the wholly delectable Clay Stryker.  Former model and Hollywood butt double, he has come home to Fool’s Gold to be near his family and do something with his hands instead of standing around looking hot.  His heroine is Charlie, a firefighter struggling with feeling like an ugly duckling and issues with men.  Naturally, she asks Clay to help her and just as naturally, she doesn’t believe  he could be attracted to her because he’s so perfect.  I love Fool’s Gold, and enjoyed this story a little more than some of the others because (*spoiler alert*) there is no unplanned pregnancy!

Sooo…. Now, it’s back to my own fictional small town.  See ya Sunday!