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Well, it’s been a while since I posted. Work as been crazy busy and life has just been rolling along. I submitted Chapter 5 of Speeding and have a short story I am almost completed that I am hoping will be included in an anthology. Wish me luck (I’m a touch out of my depth with the theme, so let’s hope I wrote something compelling).

I have also been reading (surprise!), and let me tell you, I’ve read some great books lately. First was the whole series so far of Roxanne St. Claire’s GUARDIAN ANGELINO series. First is EDGE OF SIGHT, starring a wounded hero, Zach Angelino and the love of his life he walked away from three years before, Samantha. Second is SHIVER OF FEAR featuring former FBI agent and Angelino cousin Marc Rossi and ties in very nicely to the the previous story. Third is my personal favorite, FACE OF DANGER. This one revolves around Zach’s funky twin sister Vivi and her perfect match in her polar opposite, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Colton Lang. The series is fun, suspenseful and I hope there are more to come. I am a fan of romantic suspense, and I am now a big Roxanne St. Claire fan.

May 3rd was the release of the the fifth Pamela Clare’s I-Team series which I adore. The entire series is absolute gold, and this one, BREAKING POINT is no exception. I love this series, centering around strong women with integrity, writing about important issues that without fail put them in grave danger. Of course, these women deserve great men. Pamela writes A-MAZ-ING heroes and Zach McBride is another sexy badass to add to the collection. If you haven’t read the I-Team series, you’re missing out on some of the best romantic suspense out there. The series in order: EXTREME EXPOSURE, HARD EVIDENCE, UNLAWFUL CONDUCT, NAKED EDGE, and BREAKING POINT. I will leave you with this caveat- once you start, you won’t stop! (And, they are much lower in calories than Pringles!)

Well, I’d better get back to my short story. Hopefully I’ll be back here sooner than later!