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Today was a rare grown-up snow day, and tomorrow will be as well.  Kentucky was slammed with a big winter storm and Lexington ended up with over ten inches of snow and a high in the teens, so everything shut down.  Given the chance to write instead of earning a real living today I tried to embrace it (well, around the barometric migraine) but all I managed to do was edit what was already there and decide that as much as I like the bones of this book, I’m not loving it the way it is.  This happened with Live For Me as well, so I’m not surprised, but I really don’t enjoy removing words when I feel like I should be adding them.

At the same time, I know Dance With Me is in need of some editing it didn’t get three years ago when I started this whole writing thing, and Speeding needs not only editing, but an actual ending, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Speeding might need to be wrapped before Burn can really move forward.  It’s a frustrating thought, but the Aylesford series really begins with Reid and Kendall.  So… yeah, I have a lot of work to do.

So… I suppose I should stop complaining and get back to work!