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This summer has been especially brutal for me as one of my biggest migraine triggers is barometric pressure changes.  I have managed to add to BURN, but although I’m not as far along as I’d like this book shouldn’t take a year and a half to land on your ereader of choice (probably.)

So… What do you say to a hot snippet from BURN?

Burn Cover

She crept into Nate’s room, stopping to take in the smörgåsbord of muscle lying among the twisted bedclothes. Intellectually, she knew fighting fires was hard work, understood that he worked hard for the rippled abs and bulging biceps, used them to do good work, but as a woman she couldn’t help but sigh. This is how men were meant to be built. Strong, protective, unyielding. She couldn’t wait to trace the furrows with her tongue, to line up his rock solid body with her much softer one. She’d taken two steps toward him when he startled her, his voice low and roughened with sleep. “You’d better be ready.”

“I’m here,” she answered, suddenly unsure of herself, all the reasons she’d stayed away swirling in her mind.

“You have about five seconds to leave,” Nate said, an almost menacing edge to his voice.

She swallowed, grateful for the darkness surrounding them. Hopeful she sounded confident, she promised, “I’m not leaving.”

“Then come here and let me touch you. I’ve been dying to touch you,” he growled, and she was powerless to deny him. She closed the space between them, vaguely aware she was holding her breath. If he had been dying to touch her, so too had she been desperate to touch him. He rose from the bed, his gloriously naked chest rising and falling with short pants, his fully aroused cock tenting his boxers. Her mouth watered. She wanted to lick him all over, to take him down her throat, to feel him explode within her, swallow his salty essence, but all she could do was stare.

“Come here,” he commanded and she obeyed. As soon as she was within touching distance he had her plastered to him, his mouth on hers. He devoured her, exploring her with his tongue, owning her mouth, stealing her breath. She wrapped her arms around his strong neck and jumped, throwing her legs around his waist. He was so strong he held her easily, allowing her to climb him like a tree.

He continued to ravage her mouth as he turned and pressed her to the bed. “I have dreamed of you here,” he whispered. “Tell me you’re really here.”

(c) Hayden Braeburn