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I am so OVER this winter, I can’t even tell you.  The kids have missed two weeks of school (not sequentially), and I have spent this entire year (shhhh… just because it’s only six weeks old doesn’t make it any less true) sick in one way or another.  Just now I am finishing up the antibiotic from a sinus infection and I have a cold that has knocked me on my ass, not to mention the migraines that are affected by barometric pressure.  Anyway, I’m sorry to whine and rant, but if we’d wanted to live somewhere where it snowed all winter, we would’ve moved farther north!

So, with all this crap going on, I haven’t been writing like I’d like, and I’ve started and put aside a lot of the things I’ve tried to read.  I did stumble across some good reads when I couldn’t focus on a computer screen, but could tolerate my Kindle.



The first one is free and I really enjoyed this crazy, sci-fi adventure with very intertwined stories.  It is a trilogy so far, but each story has an HEA for the title agent and his lady within the overarching storyline.  Fun, fun stuff!

And, with that I’m off.  The screen is starting to blur and a dose of meds are calling my name.