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First things first, happy Independence Day!

Now, second things, well, second… how the heck is it already July?  I mean, holy crap on a cracker, this year is already more than half gone?  School starts back in six weeks?  I promised two releases this summer and neither are ready yet? Ack!

So, without further ado (what a fun word), I give you a snippet from Live For Me.

LFM Cover

Hand shaking, she picked up the phone on her nightstand, staring at the buttons for long minutes before finally making the call.

Hello?” Cassidy answered the phone after the first ring, her voice tired through the line.

Um…” Haleigh hadn’t been prepared for Cassidy to answer, even though she knew she and Dylan lived together. “Is Dylan around?” she finally asked.

Haleigh? Are you okay?” the other woman asked instead of answering the question. “Dylan isn’t home, but what’s wrong?”

It was then she realized it was nearly three in the morning. She’d taken a nap after putting Georgie down so she could see Caleb when he got home, and had completely forgotten it was the middle of the night. She winced at the thought of waking Cassidy, and took a breath before explaining herself, careful not to say a word about the other woman’s younger brother. “I’m sure you know about the preschool thing with Georgie,” she began, grateful to hear an affirmative noise from Cassidy before going on, “and I just don’t feel safe here by ourselves. I mean—”

I understand, but Dylan’s out of town tonight.” She paused. “What about Chris Delmonico?”

She held back a sigh of relief. “I know Chris.”

Would you be okay with him staying in your house?” Cassidy asked, and Haleigh wondered just how much about her the town knew or presumed. She didn’t imagine that would’ve been a question posed to everyone.

I would,” she answered, happy it was true. “But it’s three in the morning, and he has to be at the school in a little while, and…” she trailed off. She could make it through the next five hours before she had to be at work without being attacked. She could make it through the rest of her life without Caleb in it. She choked on the thought. No, she couldn’t. “Ya know what? We’ll be okay. I’m freaked out, and called in the middle of the night, but we’ll be fine.”

You will not. I’ll come stay with you if you need, but if you’re scared, don’t ignore it.”

Really? “You’d do that for me?”