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Ya know how those short people who eat money in your house take all your time?  Well, why is summer worse than the school year?  LOL.  I love Girlchild, but I think we’re going to need a driver just to take her to all her scheduled events, and when you add Boychild to the mix, well, we’d better open up an account for lunches and gas money.  *sigh*

So, instead of listening (well, okay, reading) me lament about my wonderfully popular kiddos, how about a snippet from BURN?

 “Uncle Nate, Uncle Nate!” the children screamed in unison as they jumped into his open arms. She guessed them to be about seven or eight, cute as hell, and they obviously adored their uncle.

“You guys are so big!” he exclaimed when he caught them, feigning falling over. “I won’t be able to pick you both up before too long.”

“Nu-uh,” the girl protested. “You’re strong!”

“The strongest man ever!” The little boy chimed in. “You’re stronger than Superman!”

“Nah,” Nate disagreed. “I’m not that strong.”

“You save people,” the little girl said. “Momma says you’re a superhero.”

She liked the sound of that, even if it made her stomach turn to think about him running into burning buildings.