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I’ve been working on BURN for the last few days, and I have to say the villain has been running amok.  It’s not a bad thing, but I keep having to go back and rethink/rework the story line every so often.  When it’s finally finished, I hope it will be a book worth reading, and I have to say the Aylesford series is shaping up to be more on the Erotic Romance side of things, although definitely with suspense and action (surprise!).  So, since I’m off-schedule blogging, and I need to go get ready to go to the day job (which I really do love, ignore me when I whine), I will leave you with a snippet.

 Nate stood beside Gabe, the damage to the building appalling. They’d fought the fire hard and technically won, but Juliette Jamieson had a lot of clean up and rebuilding to do before she could teach here again. He turned to his friend. “What the hell kind of connection is there between a lingerie shop and a school of dance?”

Gabe thought about that for a moment before answering, “Sex and dancing are sins?”

Sins? “Are you kidding me?”

The large man frowned. “No. The church Liza belonged to before she met me wouldn’t even allow ballerinas to join.”

He must’ve spent Sunday school learning about the Golden Rule or miracles or something. “So, Belle’s store sells sex,” he thought back to those Sunday school lessons, “or lust, and Juliette teaches dance?” He paused. “That’s not one of the deadly sins. That much I remember.”

“But dancing is sexy.”

He thought most dancing was boring, but who was he to judge? “If this arsonist is targeting sexy things, we have a problem.” Aside from the absurdity of the idea, sexiness wasn’t universal. “What class was Juliette teaching when the alarm went off, anyway?”

A strange expression lit Gabe’s face before he answered. “See, there’s where my theory came from,” he started, his face unreadable. “She had a guest teacher scheduled to teach—get this—cardio pole-dance.”

“Cardio what now?”