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^ Sad, but 100% true.

I’ve been wrestling with both books this week, maybe because I’m buried to my neck in RL work, so yesterday I sat down to examine the plot twists in both Live For Me and Burn.  (Hence the very silly, but true meme up there).  Good news?  I am happier and in a better place with both books.  Bad news?  Cross your fingers that Live For Me will come out on the new, updated release date…  If it’s ready, then it will.  If it’s not?  Well, it won’t.  I’d rather give you a book I feel is good than one that is on time (and I’m sure you’d appreciate that as well.)

So… Since it’s been so long since my last post…  a snippet from Live For Me.

Why, Caleb?” she asked. “Why have we become your pet project?”

He had to sit down. “You can’t believe that. Not after all this time.”

There’s nothing else it could be.” She paced away from him, her long legs eating up the small living room as she did. “You’re not Georgia’s father, and you can’t be interested in me,” she continued.

He bolted from the couch at her belittling of herself, crossed the room to stand before her. “What makes you think I can’t be interested in you?”

She opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again. “I am, well, I’m plain.”

Plain?” He raked his gaze over her features, from her shiny blonde hair to her sapphire eyes to her full, pink lips. “He was blind, Angel.” He continued his perusal of her, from her graceful neck, to her plump, high breasts, to her slightly rounded stomach, and long, long legs. “I have always been interested, Angel.” He tilted her chin to look straight into her eyes. “If I thought you’d let me, I’d kiss you right now.”