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An interview, a guest post, and a snippet walk into a bar…

No, really, this week I was interviewed by Kame and The Book Queen, so if you want to know more about me, check that out here: 

I also guest blogged at Just Romantic Suspense, talking about my books and how Haleigh is giving me fits so LIVE FOR ME isn’t finished yet.  I hate that I missed my intended release date, but I’d much rather give you the story Haleigh and Caleb want to tell instead of something forced and, well, crappy.  Check that post out here: 

And, since it’s Wednesday, a snippet from BURN!

Burn Cover

 “Sister mine, you’ve got classic abandonment issues. I personally think Nate’s a great guy, and, good Lord is he beautiful, so I say go for it.”

“Tell me again why you dropped out of school?” Belle asked, letting what her sister said roll around in her head. Claire knew her so well, and was the only person who would would dare bring up Mitchell Baxter’s death in her presence. Nate was right when he’d challenged her. She’d be a mess if something happened to him whether or not they were dating, even if she ran away to Australia and never saw him again. So, why not try? Good Lord, she wanted to try. But if he got tired of her, where would she be?

“I didn’t drop out. I took a break.”

“For five years?”

Claire pinned her with a chastising look. “Shut-up. I love my shop.”

Despite Claire’s extended break from school, Belle knew her sister lived to brighten people’s days with flowers. “I know, I’m just giving you hell.” She sat on Claire’s cheery yellow couch. Why had she never noticed everything here was yellow? She sighed. The resistance she’d had to Nate wasn’t just about his heroics. “If I love him, and he leaves me…” she trailed off.

“What if he doesn’t? What if he’s your Forever?”

What a thought. “What if he’s not?”