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So, last week I worked like the proverbial dog, and didn’t get much writing, editing, facebooking, blogging, or actual living done.  Today I’m writing, but as I am behind on Live For Me, I’m afraid the release date will have to be pushed back.  As soon as I have a light at the end of the tunnel (ha, look at me and the cliches today), I will give you the updated release date.  *sigh*

Good news?  Well, I can give you a snippet, at least.

Burn Cover

 Belle smoothed the borrowed t-shirt dress she wore, laughing a little as she did. She and Claire certainly resembled one another with dark hair, tawny eyes and pale skin, but Belle was three inches taller and more than a cup size bigger. She grimaced into the full length mirror. The green was flattering, but the dress was too tight across her breasts, a little baggy in the middle, and very, very short. She sighed. It would have to do for now. She shuddered at the idea of buying bras and panties from a department store, but she didn’t have a choice unless she planned to go commando for at least week. As she slid her feet into a pair of flip-flops that almost fit, she opened her tiny borrowed purse and laughed again. Claire had tucked a couple hundred dollars, a pack of gum, and a note that read, “You’re strong, you rock, and you’ll get through this,” inside. God, she loved her baby sister.

At the sharp knock on the door, she opened it to find not one, but two drool-worthy men on the other side. “Morning, boys.”

Nate and Gabe stood together, grim looks on their handsome faces. This couldn’t be good. She opened the door wider to allow them in. “Spill.”

Instead of answering her, Nate growled, “You’re not going out dressed like that.”

She knew it didn’t fit well, and the lack of undergarments was more apparent than she’d wanted, but she couldn’t go out in pajamas or a bathrobe, so here she was. “What do you suggest I wear? I don’t exactly have much to choose from.” She tilted her head, watching his reaction as Gabe chuckled in the background.

“Honey, I will buy you whatever you need, but you can’t go out like that.”

She was afraid she’d melt under the heat in his eyes and wished she were wearing underwear for fear of the wet spot she was sure she’d make if she sat down. She brushed her hair off her face, pulling the dress taut over her aroused nipples and heard Nate’s shaky breath. Excitement slid through her body. How she’d love to give in, just once. Oh, who was she kidding? Once wouldn’t even be close to enough. Pushing the thoughts aside, she quirked a brow. “Okay, I’ll let you take me shopping.” He opened his mouth to argue but she rolled right over him, “But first, you have to tell me why you’re both here.”

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