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LFM Cover

The small brunette smiled broadly as she walked into the therapy space. “So, m’dear, make a move on the doctor you had your eye on yet?” she asked with no preamble.

She shook her head, her ponytail flopping around behind her as she did. “Not really,” she half-answered. She didn’t want to tell Robin that Caleb had been living with her for a month, yet she’d never even brought herself to touch him, let alone make a move.

Robin squared her shoulders, raising herself to her full five foot one. “C’mon, Haleigh, you can’t just let him get away. What if he’s interested?”

Why would a man like Caleb be interested in me?” she asked, her hand flying to her mouth when she realized she’d named him.

Caleb Everett?” Robin asked, eyes wide. “Word is he hasn’t been home at all in the last few weeks.” She shot Haleigh a sly look. “Where exactly has he been all this time?”

I don’t know,” she lied, but knew Robin didn’t believe her. She doubted she was very convincing anyway. She’d been lying for years, but even if she’d given an Oscar-worthy performance, she’d opened her mouth and blurted his name.

The other woman made a scoffing noise. “How can you believe he isn’t interested if he’s been staying with you for so long?” She tilted her head to study Haleigh. “Do you not see how beautiful you are? God, I’d kill for skin like yours, and imagine if you wore a little makeup.” She paused. “You’d be a knockout.”

A knockout? “Are you on painkillers?”

Robin’s face scrunched up at the question. “You really don’t see it, do you?”

See what? She was pale, with blonde hair that badly needed a trim, blue eyes that were too close together, lips that were too full, breasts that were too small, and hips that were too wide. “I’m certainly no model.”

That’s what you think. I say you let me make you over. See what happens then.”

She eyed her patient and friend, a woman who always looked put together even when she came in for sessions, her hair perfect, her makeup artfully applied. “Maybe I should.”

You bet you should. You’ll knock his socks off.”

Even if she did, she had no idea what to do with him afterward. She winced inwardly. For a woman who’d been married for three years, she had absolutely no idea what to do with a man who didn’t just take whatever he wanted. Caleb wasn’t the type to take, he was the type to give, and that scared her more than anything else.