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So… I recovered from the whole strep/flu sickastravaganza, and now I’m–you guessed it– coughing! It’s terrible! I’m drugged, and I refuse to miss work, but it’s not what I’d call pleasant or fun.

I have also been behind writing Live For Me, so let’s hope Caleb and Haleigh’s story is ready for editing by the beginning of April.  Otherwise… Yeah, let’s not talk about otherwise just yet.

Speaking of Live For Me, a snippet:

He was always amazed by how quickly she could go from a tantrum to excitement, but he nodded instead of laughing. “Yes, baby. I hoped your mommy could come with us, but she needs to work.”

“Mommy, you hafta go,” Georgie directed, her bossy tone nearly making him laugh again.

“I can’t, sweetie.” Haleigh’s hair flew around her face as she shook her head. “Mommy has responsibilities,” she went on, slicing Caleb with an icy look.

Georgia’s bottom lip came out in a pout again. “Working is icky.”

This time he did laugh. “Indeed, my little baby doll.” He hugged her close before she wiggled to be put down. “Mommy needs to make people feel better.”

“Nuh-uh. Mommy’s not a doctor. She’s a ferpist.”

“A therapist,” Haleigh corrected. “Mommy has people on her schedule, and she can’t just bail.” She glared at Caleb. “Mommy has bills to pay.”