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If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I was out sick all of last week with penicillin-resistant strep AND the flu. (I know, I’m an overachiever, aren’t I?)  So, I’m behind on my writing schedule, not to mention life in general, so I apologize if I don’t update as much as usual.

That said, since I was tagged in a game of Sevens this week, I think I’ll give you a little more than the seven sentences I put on my Facebook wall.

LFM Cover

Caleb knew he had to relax, but knowing and doing were entirely different things. He hated what Dylan was relaying to him through his office phone, hated that Cass had nearly been killed he wasn’t sure how many times in one day, but Dylan swore she was safe now. There was something else in the Ranger’s voice he couldn’t pinpoint, but it didn’t matter too much. Nugget was found, she was safe, and her injuries would hurt, but weren’t life-threatening. He sighed. His family had been through so much in the last few weeks, first with Mason, then the destruction of his parent’s house, and now Cassidy. He ran a hand down his face. How much more would they have to go through? At least his sister had a big man ready, willing, and more than capable of killing for her.

His thoughts went to Haleigh. How could anyone hurt her badly enough to elicit a panic attack from the mere thought of danger? He remembered she had a daughter, a tiny carbon copy of herself and his blood went hot. Someone, presumably her baby’s father, had hurt her. Had he hurt the baby? For the third time today he found himself wanting to know her story and turned around to talk to the woman in question, instead finding an empty room.  

Burn Cover

 “Why would someone target me? We’re not even involved.” Not in person, at least.

“When the two of you are in the same place, anyone within ten feet of you is in danger of catching fire.” Gabe let out a bark of laughter. “Hell, I’m surprised this house is still standing.” He shook his head at both of them. “Why have you fought it so hard?”

Nate muttered, “I don’t know,” at the same time Belle shot him a look that said, “shut-up.”

“Evidently it didn’t do any good, since whoever is after you torched her place anyway,” Gabe said, all humor gone from his voice.

She turned to face Nate then, searched his impossibly handsome face for answers. “Why is someone after you? Are you safe?”

He gathered her to himself again. “I don’t know.” She winced when she heard herself whimper, and he explained, “I don’t know who might be after me or why, but I swear I’ll keep you safe.”

She felt safe in his arms. “Only if you keep yourself safe, too.” She pulled away enough to look at him. Taking a deep breath, she decided to explain herself. “I know why I’ve fought this,” she whispered.

He brought his face down to hers, his lips a fraction of an inch above hers. “Why?”

“You put yourself on the line to save others everyday. I can’t love you just to lose you. I can’t do what my mother did.”