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I’m beginning to think this book is pretty good.  I know that sounds silly, but every time you put something out there, you never know what others will think.

Reviewing Vixens reviewed Fight For Me this week, and gave Dylan and Cassidy’s story 4 Whips and 4 Kisses, saying, “It’s a well written suspense with romance around every corner, the friction of our two main characters along with the looming threat hanging over everyone made an excellent read.

The full review is here:

So now, I’m moving on to Caleb’s story, Live For Me, and since I missed yesterday’s Sunday Six, a snippet!

Blowing out a breath, he rushed to the couch to find Georgia pale and curled in a fetal position, her brow slick with sweat. “Where does it hurt, sweetheart?”

Tummy,” she answered, her little voice tired.

I’m Dr. E, and I’m gonna make you all better. Is that okay with you?”

E-I-E-I-O,” she sang softly.