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Fight For Me received an amazing 4.5 star review at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews this week, and I am still more than a little floored.


The full review is there in the link, but here’s the part that made me walk around all day Thursday in a fog.

“Fight For Me is a sultry suspense novel filled with great characters, a superior plot line, smokin’ sex, and impressive dialog. Hayden Braeburn has confirmed with this book that she is an author you should be reading.”

I mean…  Wow.  So, yeah, I worked about a million hours today (or, fine, like 14), but I had to share.  Thank you Guilty Pleasures and Slick Reads for thinking I have a clue about what I’m doing!

Oh, if you’re looking for Fight For Me, click here! Amazon, B&N, All Romance, Smashwords, Kobo