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Last night…er…early this morning I finished the book!  Well, now it needs edits and revisions and more edits, but it’s finished!

Now it’s time to start laying out LIVE FOR ME, Caleb’s story, while I let this one sit for a little while.  I’m also thinking of doing a story for Detective Chris Delmonico, and I need to do another chapter (or four) of SPEEDING.  The end of the year is incredibly busy in my retail-oriented real life, but I won’t let it stop me from writing (although it might be even slower than normal!).

And, since I missed Wednesday, a snippet!

She sank into the kiss, realizing two things. He really felt there was nothing in his life more important than protecting her, and he would die to save her if necessary. Her breath caught in her throat and she pulled away from him. She stared at him for long beats, but words just wouldn’t come. Swallowing, she turned to give a small wave to Haleigh. “See you Friday,” she said quietly and made her way out the door.