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So, yesterday was Wednesday which means I missed a post.  The good news is I did write, but the end of this book isn’t just appearing like I had hoped…  It’s coming together, though, I promise.  I did add a page detailing Tyler the way I had one for Aylesford yesterday, and although it’s still very much a work in progress, you can find it here: http://haydenbraeburn.weebly.com/tyler.html.

The book is slowly but surely coming together, and now it’s time for the snippet I promise every Wednesday even though it’s Thursday and stuff.

He hit the door close button, leaving the two of them alone in the car. “I’m not sure. A feeling like we were being watched.”

Your spidey senses?” she joked.

He managed a smile. “You don’t stay alive in war zones without them, darlin’.”

I’m glad you have them then,” she said softly.

Him too. Now, he just had to figure out what had his nerves on edge.