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My friend Teresa Reasor tagged me for the LOOK challenge.  Here’s how it works:
Find the LOOKs in your current work-in-progress.
Choose your favorite 3 and post the paragraphs that contain them.
Pick some of your favorite author-buddies to “tag” and invite them to participate, too!

Of course, we’ll be working with FIGHT FOR ME… Let’s see what we find!

1) Chris Delmonico was a good detective, a loyal friend, and a real smartass. Right now, he didn’t have the patience for the last of that list. “Look, Chris, Cassie is in danger and it’s possible this guy is the one behind it. I’m givin’ you a lead and you’re givin’ me shit?”

2) She stared at the envelope in her hand, remembering the much needed lunch. They hadn’t eaten much, just devoured each other in an empty office. When had she turned into a teenager, and why was she still shaking like a leaf? This could be anything, from any of the cases currently on her plate. Why was she so sure she wouldn’t like what she’d find inside? Willing her hands to stop shaking, she opened the clasp to look inside and found two small pieces of newsprint. She turned the envelope on end, sending them fluttering to the shiny surface of her desk, the headlines causing her to lose her breath.  

3) He looks good to me,” Cassidy replied before she thought it through.

Haleigh’s hand flew up to cover her mouth as she tried and failed to hold back her knowing chuckle. “Seems the feeling is mutual. You two could burn down a building.”

So… Who to tag?  Let’s go with Eden Summers, Lily Graison, and Julieanne Reeves!