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I have not been online very much this past week (this whole working thing is rather annoying), and I missed my Wednesday post, yet here I am with a rather shameless self-promotion.

First, I am now on Storyfinds, which is really cool page featuring great deals and recommendations.  I’m also now on Kindlegraph, so I can virtually sign your digital copy of DANCE WITH ME.  (Hey, paper won’t be around forever, right?)  Finally, DANCE WITH ME is featured on AskDavid, too.

Now, I know I don’t do this very often, so if you’ve already done this, or don’t care to, please don’t feel pressured or that I’m being whiny, but…  If you have read and loved DWM (or even if you haven’t and want to help), likes, tweets, recommendations and reviews are always appreciated.  I’m working on FIGHT FOR ME, and honestly, I am not great at this whole promotion thing, so any help is amazing.

So… now, it’s time for a snippet, isn’t it?

“Do you want to go home, or shall we stop for lunch?” Cassidy asked a frustrated Dylan.

Chuckling, Dylan asked, “Did you just say shall?”

“I did.” She bit her lip, stopping the snark that wanted to pop out of her mouth. “Would  you like to eat, or do you need to rest?”

“Can’t I do both?”

She barely resisted shoving him. “Would you just answer the damn question?”