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Happy Wednesday!  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not really any more special than any other Wednesday, but have a happy one anyway.  So, why am I so chipper?  A couple reasons: I’ve only had weather-related migraines since I started this diet (yay!), and Fight For Me is coming along and has grown by nearly 4000 words since my last post.  The strange thing about those 4000 words is they started out in a notebook and then were transcribed into the document.  I know I’ve talked about my love of longhand here more than once, but it is sort of a strange phenomena with this book.  I will sit here looking at the screen and nothing is coming, then I go upstairs with a notebook and it just flows.  Whatever works, right?

So, time for our snippet.

 “No!” she screamed before she could stop herself. She swallowed, collected her thoughts. “I mean, I’m not leaving you, Dylan. I can’t.” Again, she’d said more than she’d meant to, and without thinking. What the hell was going on with her?