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As you may have guessed from this post’s title, I have a cold.  Just in time for a long weekend!  Yay.  Boychild is in kindergarten and brought it home, and of course he was sick for like, a day and a half and I opted to leave a party last night after being there for, oh, twenty minutes.  Yeah, I wish I had the metabolism of a six year old, too.

Now that I’m done whining, I thought I’d share a fabulous book sale going on through Monday (Dance With Me is a part of it!)— there are tons and tons of ebooks on sale right now at Amazon and B&N for only 99¢!  Pretty awesomesauce, huh?  Backed by Wicked Cucumber and author Leia Shaw, find a zillion (okay, so maybe I didn’t count them, but still a lot) of books here: http://www.wickedcucumber.com/books.php

So, now I’m off to write since I feel craptacular and don’t really want to do anything else (darn, right?).

Oh, you want a snippet since I’m here and writing a post?  Well, twist my arm… Ow!  Okay, okay, a snippet for you from Fight For Me.

The sweat glistening off his sculpted body made her tingle, and she wished they were alone. Instead of voicing her thoughts, she said, “Don’t kill yourself out there, Dylan.”

I only torture him three times a week,” the therapist said through a giggle. “I promise not to kill him.”

I’m not so easy to kill,” Dylan gritted through an exercise, and she sent a thank you heavenward for that fact. If he had died protecting Mason, she wouldn’t be sitting here watching a pretty blonde put her hands all over him, and she wouldn’t be feeling slightly jealous.