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Well, it’s not so much a reveal as an official cover post, since I put it up everywhere this week, but I have to share!  The artist, Jodi Jo did another fabulous job with this one, and I’m so excited!  So, of course, now I have to finish the book in time for its October release.  This is another Jimmy Thomas cover, and the green is perfect for Dylan and Cassidy 🙂

Okay, okay, I’ll stop gushing and give you the snippet I was supposed to give you yesterday…

No one is after me, Cassie. I’m not a big enough fish. Someone is after you.”

I’m still not convinced. You have not fulfilled your burden of proof, Ranger-boy.”

Ranger-boy? “I know it, Cassie.”

You know you need more proof?”

She was pushing his buttons on purpose, and it was working. He shoved his left hand through his hair. “I know someone is after you. I just do.”