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Well, this low-carb thing isn’t too bad… I wish I could eat a brownie, and I’m afraid I’ll turn into a mouse from all the cheese, but all things considered, it’s not bad.  Good news?  Only one migraine!

So, since it’s Sunday and all, I suppose I should give you your six sentences, huh?  How about a super sexy six from Fight For Me? (Uh, this probably isn’t safe for work… Just sayin’)

        He let out a grunt when he covered her, bracing himself on his good arm and thrusting home. He had been inside her before, but she was still surprised by the slight burn as she stretched to take his entire length. Last time he had given her the reins, but this time he took her with long strokes, filling her fully before pulling out and filling her again. He claimed her mouth as well, sharing her taste and smell with her with every thrust of his tongue. She wrapped her legs more tightly around his waist as he pounded into her, her nails scraping over the crisp cotton of his dress shirt, and she felt her body clench in anticipation of another mind-bending orgasm. He didn’t slow his pace when she shattered around him, finally groaning into her mouth when he found his own release, his cock pulsing within her.