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My writing schedule, if you can call it that, has now been turned on its ear.  Since I’m now getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to get children ready for school and I keep falling asleep in my chair before midnight, I am now trying to write in the mornings (yeah, like now).  The good part is: I have been writing, so there we go.  So… as promised, a snippet from Fight For Me.

When she finally disconnected the call, he found himself asking, “You got a thing with good ol’ J.D.?”

Her dark eyes narrowed. “Would it matter?”

Hell yes, it would.”

She glared at him. “No, I don’t have a thing going with J.D.” She walked away a few steps before turning sharply. “Do you think I would’ve kissed you if I had a thing with anyone else?” She marched back to him, her long finger poised to poke him in his chest. “I told you I don’t do casual.”