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This week has been… hectic to say the least.  Both kiddos are in school (at different elementary schools, because Girlchild is in the gifted/talented magnet), so Wonderful Hubby and I have been run ragged.  On top of that, he and I started a new diet that is supposed to help with migraine, with weight loss as a nice added benefit.  We’re not fat (especially not WH), but if it will stop migraine, I’d eat almost anything recommended.  So, this week hasn’t been great for writing.  Today, however, I have been writing (yay!).  Sooo…  a snippet from FIGHT FOR ME.

He nodded genially, every bit the consummate professional. “You can email it to me if that’s easier.”

Thank you, Detective. We will do that,” she agreed before grasping the brooding bodyguard’s hand and leading him away. Brandon shook his head. That man was a sniper, a Ranger, a skip-tracer, hell, he was even a hero, but he was also pussy whipped. How the mighty have fallen.