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It’s time for the Olympics, and once again I am awed by humans and what some are able to do.  Last night we watched Ryan Lochte smoke the competition in the 400m IM, and today I saw the US Water Polo Team win their match.  (That just might be the most exhausting sport known to man, by the way).

The parade of nations is one of my favorite things ever–watching all those delegations march in alphabetical order, no one better or worse than the other, no one fighting or worrying about anything but winning a game and bringing home a medal and glory for themselves and their home country.  It makes me proud to be human, and gives me hope that one day we might as a species realize we are all equal, no matter our skin color, language or whom we choose to marry.  *Sigh* One day, right?  One day.  Until then, we can watch humans in the very best condition perform amazing feats on a daily basis.

So… Now that I’ve made myself sound like a wide-eyed idealist, I suppose you’d like six sentences?  Okay, then.  How about a sexy six From Fight For Me?

She took a deep breath and played the game with him. If he could make her wet and aching with almost a half hour left on their drive, she could return the favor. “I want to take you in my mouth and down my throat. I want to swirl my tongue around the tip and lick your essence, I want to feel you explode.” She swallowed. She was supposed to be torturing him, but she was doing a fine job of arousing the hell of out herself.