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FIGHT FOR ME is coming along, and I almost missed Wednesday again.  Eeek.  So, a  snippet.

She was at the door quickly, her own navy blue suit in place, a ruffled white shirt beneath the jacket accentuating her already impressive curves. He wondered what she wore under the tailored suit. Lace? Satin? He stopped himself. She was convinced she would hurt him, and he had already pushed his luck this morning. He shook his head. He may never get the taste of her off his mind, but if she wanted to pretend they didn’t want to devour each other every time they were in the same room, that was her prerogative.

Before I run off to go, like, work on this book, I have a question about SWAG.  What–if anything–do you look forward to receiving from authors?  What makes you think, hey I should check that chick’s book out on Kindle?  Any and all thoughts are welcome.