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So, yeah, there are 4 minutes left of Wednesday, but we’ll go with it (besides, on the west coast there are 3 hours and 4 minutes, and it’s already Thursday in Australia, so who cares, right?)  ANYway…  As promised on Wednesdays, a snippet of the current WIP, FIGHT FOR ME.

If Dylan kept looking at her like that, she was afraid she’d walk across the ceremony and offer herself to him in front of God and everyone. She closed her eyes. She was here to honor her brother, not have eye sex with a groomsman. Oh, but his golden eyes were full of promises she wished he could keep. She watched him subtly shift on his feet and was rewarded with a glimpse of the tent in his tuxedo pants. Served him right, she was standing there in a damp thong and there was nothing she could do about it either.