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Those of you who have been reading me know I am one to give multiple POV (point of view for those of you who haven’t been to an English class in while).  In other words, I put you inside more than one head.  It has come to my attention lately that perhaps that isn’t the strongest way to write a book, and doesn’t allow for an emotional connection to the characters.

SPEEDING is a serial, manifesting in my head almost as episodes of an on-going story, so I feel it necessary to switch from Reid and Kendall to, say, Jason and Adrienne.  DANCE WITH ME is the first in a series, introducing characters that will be further explored in subsequent books and tie-in stories.

So… my question to you as readers is: Is it jarring and disconnecting to see through more than two main character’s eyes?  Are the POV changes smooth and easily understood?  Do you hate reading me and just follow my blog as torture?  Bueller?