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First, DANCE WITH ME is featured on RomCon this week!  It was scheduled for June 28th, but posted early, so if you haven’t already read it, pop by and make a comment to win a copy in the format of your choice.

Next, let’s do a snippet from FIGHT FOR ME, second in The Everetts of Tyler series.

She jerked her hands from her friend’s grasp. “It’s not like that. He’s just here to heal, and then he goes back home.”

And home is where, exactly?”

Outside Aylesford.”

So, forty minutes from you?”

When you put it like that…” she trailed off, not sure where she was going with the thought.

Rochelle shot her a scathing look. “Cassidy Everett, I have never known you to be a coward.”

I’m not being a…” She stopped, not allowing herself to think about Rochelle’s point. “Let’s just get that flippin’ plea agreement figured out and put this case to bed.”

With a sigh, Rochelle sat back down at her desk. “Fine, but ignoring the problem never makes it go away.”

I’m ignoring you anyway.”

Me, you can ignore. Six and half feet of muscled white man at your house? Honey, you can’t ignore that.”

I can sure try.”

Just for fun, maybe we’ll do a snippet from SPEEDING, too.  Chapter 12 is coming along, and should be finished and posted by the end of the month.  Thanks for hanging in there with me for the loooooong stretches between chapters!  This snippet is from Chapter 10.

He came around the truck to wrap her in his arms. “God, I love you,” he told her before covering her mouth with his own.

She looped her arms around his neck as she jumped to wrap her legs around his waist. “Show me,” she demanded breathlessly between kisses.

He carried her easily, much as he had that first night, unlocking the door and pressing her against it once they were inside. “Right here, right now,” he told her before taking her mouth again. “I want you all the damn time. I think about you when I should be doing something else. I can’t believe you promised to be mine forever, and you’ll be an amazing mother.”

She anchored her hands in his hair, staring into his deep blue eyes as she said, “We will be amazing parents to Annie and anybody else we’re blessed with.” She kissed him sweetly before pulling away to give him a wicked smile. “Until then, why don’t we practice?”