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So, let’s try something new today.  A short post from my current WIP, FIGHT FOR ME (The Everetts of Tyler, Book 2).


Sunlight poured through the window the following morning, piercing Dylan’s eyelids. Normally he would be out running before the sun was up like this, but that was before. This morning was interesting because there was a soft, beautiful woman across his lap, her head pillowed against his chest, her hand dangerously close to his morning wood. “Cassie, honey, you need to move,” he whispered against her ear. She moved, but not how he’d meant. Now she practically straddled him, and while his brain was telling him to be a gentleman, his body had other plans.

Cassidy felt the heat of his body, heard the rapid beating of his heart, and knew she wasn’t dreaming. Holy God, she’d slept on Dylan all night. She sat up slightly to find he was more than awake beneath her. “Dylan?” she questioned very quietly.

He clenched his jaw and left fist. He’d promised not to hurt her, and not to rush things. “I’m going to stay still while you climb off,” he instructed.

What a gentleman. “What if I want to stay where I am?”

Don’t mess with me, woman. If you don’t climb down right now, I am not responsible for my actions,” he growled, his eyes darkening with promise.