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The problem with the whole working thing is that sometimes I don’t get to write like I’d like.  This week I’m working Monday through Saturday, so I will be writing at night, but we’ll see how the work count comes out.  Good news?  I’m definitely writing.  Bad news? Well, I have SPEEDING and FIGHT WITH ME to work on, and Cassidy and Dylan are flowing better in my head than the next installment of Kendall and Reid.  Chapter 12 will be this month, though… I just have to switch gears from Tyler back to Aylesford.  Easy, right?

So… That said, how do you feel about a snippet from FIGHT FOR ME?

She should step away. Run away. Anything. Instead of heeding the warning bells in her head, she skimmed her hands up his washboard abs to his hard chest. How could he look so amazing in a sling and gauze? She scooted closer until her hard nipples were against his bandaged torso, separated by only the thin cotton of her shirt. Aching to be closer to him, she shifted to encircle his neck with her arms. He was so tall, she still had to tilt her head to look into his molten gold eyes, the heat of his body burning her through her clothes. She shouldn’t be here like this, but she didn’t care. She could worry and feel guilty tomorrow.