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So, yesterday was our largest sale of the year and I was on the floor all day (*not* where I normally am, by the way).  We were open longer hours than normal, and I was literally on my feet for 12 hours.  In heels.  In the heels up there.  Beautiful, stylish, three and a half inch heels.  Then, when I got home I sat down in my recliner, ate a half piece of pizza and… woke up this morning at six thirty.

(Waits a minute for you to stop laughing…)

Yep, I am *that* cool.

In other news, DANCE broke 40K words this week, and is really, truly almost done. In fact, it really may *be* done, and I just can’t let it go and am writing an unnecessary scene–we’ll see what my Fabulous Betas have to say about that.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, foster moms, etc.

Today’s snippet is in honor of Carolyn Everett, Mason’s mom.

 “Forty years ago, Charlie and I were high school sweethearts. His father hated me because I was from, well, we Masons weren’t from the same “class” as the Everetts,” she began, complete with air-quotes. “Charlie told his father he could either accept that I was going to be his wife or he could stick it in his ear.”  She stopped to shoot a smile at her husband, and Kat knew Charles had used much harsher language. “Curtis Everett kicked Charlie out and cut him off.”

The four Everett children, who had grown up with this story and the, ‘You are no better than anyone else, and don’t you forget it,’ lectures looked slightly bored, but Kat gasped. “He kicked him out? What did you do?”