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No, not THAT end, the end of DANCE WITH ME!  I know!  The little story that started life as a 5000 word short story for a contest is will wrap at close to 50,000 words, (I think) and will be the first of the Everett Series.  Who knew?  I still have at least one scene to finish, then hardcore editing and a round of (fabulous) beta readers, not to mention the whole formatting thing (which I reeeeally hope isn’t as poopy as it looks like it might be), but, YAY!

Sooo…  Before I get back to the story to, like, actually finish it and stuff, how about we pretend I did what I was supposed to do, and do six sentences?

 God, she was sexy. Unable to stand the other men watching her, clapping for her, he strode across the room and swept her into his arms. She was his, and no one and nothing would keep her from him. He cupped her chin and brought his mouth down on hers fiercely.

She lost herself in his kiss, in the feel of his tongue against hers. Before she registered what was happening, she found herself backed into Mason’s office.