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I made a new banner for the facebook page.  I know that is so not exciting, but I wanted to share anyway (*shrug*).  I apologize for not being a good blogger lately (I have also not been a good tweeter, facebooker, or writer… I have, however, been a very good worker), but I will try really hard to be better (really, I will!)

So… now onto why you’re really here (I hope!)  I don’t recall if I have given you much about our villain, Priscilla McClaren, but here is a little insight into her twisted psyche.

 Giving in to the need to throw something, she hurled her glass of iced tea into the wall, reveling in the smash of glass and the rivulets of dark liquid running down the pale plaster. How dare he do this to her?

 She tore her gaze from the carnage that used to be her tumbler, and stalked the room as she thought. Right this very minute, Mason would be taking his little dancer home. She kicked over an upholstered ottoman, swearing when her delicate Italian leather pump did nothing to protect her toes. The thought of him making love to the little whore made her seethe. She’d waited for him for sixteen years. Sixteen godforsaken years.

 When all her friends were getting married and having babies, she’d waited. Even while standing up in countless weddings and attending even more baby showers, she’d never lost sight of her goal. Mason had always been hers, but she hadn’t pushed him, understanding his need to grow up, make it in the banking world, and get his wildness out of his system. At first, she hadn’t minded biding her time. She’d had pageants to win, degrees to obtain, and a business to learn. Now, she was ready to take what was rightfully hers.