So, I’ve noticed something since I started really spending time writing…  Between my day job, my family and my book, I have exactly zero free-time.  And you know what fell to the wayside for me?  That’s right, working out.  See, here’s my problem–I can’t type while on a treadmill.  And, since I tend to multitask, when I am watching television, I have my laptop on my lap at the same time (usually doing things like sales reports, since the fiction doesn’t flow as well while watching, say, Lost Girl).  I  need to rectify this situation or I won’t fit in my clothing before long, but it’s a balancing act that is bothersome.  What to skip?  Oh, right, that thing you hate to do!

So… right now the only real exercise I’m getting is best saved for a romance novel, and while that’s fun and all, I don’t think that’s the best regimen.

In other news, DANCE WITH ME has just hit 30,384 words, so it will be even longer than the latest estimate of even longer.  And, since you asked so nicely, a snippet!

 Priscilla poked her bottom lip out. “C’mon, Drew, you don’t think I’d really ask you to kill a furry little animal, do you?” She stood then, putting a little extra swing in her step as she walked toward her young assistant. “I need you to take care a problem for me, but it’s not an animal.”

He felt the need to run out of the office, but held his ground. He hoped she wasn’t asking what he was afraid she was asking.