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So, my website registrar wants to “upgrade” my site… no, let me rephrase that, they want me to manually migrate my site to their new, upgraded, pay-per-month registration that will allow “increased business functionality”, blah, blah, blah.  Well, I don’t NEED increased functionality, I just want you to be able to read my stuff… So… I made a new site.  You can now find me and my writing (well, a little bit, anyway) at http://haydenbraeburn.weebly.com/.  I’m pretty happy with it, and right now, I’m totally down with free.

So….  I suppose you’d like a snippet since I have been incredibly remiss with writing and such lately.  We can do that.

 Kat had never been more bored in her life. She was stuck inside on what was purported to be beautiful day—at least that’s what the weather forecast had promised—made to stay away from windows. A woman could only watch so many cooking shows and repeated primetime dramas. Lordy, she needed to dance. Making the decision, she gathered her shoes and made her way downstairs. The living room had hardwood floors and fewer windows than the kitchen. She cursed Mason’s good taste when he built the house. Windows and French doors were beautiful, but they weren’t safe when one was trying to avoid being shot.