This week I’ve actually written quite a lot, but I’m not sure it’s right…  That said, I thought I’d give you a snippet.

 Doctor Caleb Everett came into the dining room at the same time Kat, Mason and Cassidy did and stopped dead in his tracks. His brother had his arm around a stunner of a woman. “Mase?” he called as he made his way over.

 “Cale! I haven’t seen you in almost a month. What’s up with that?” Mason asked, the woman tucked to his side.

 Caleb gave his brother’s woman a once over. Some guys had all the luck. “I’ve been working. Trauma docs don’t keep banker’s hours,” he answered with a smirk. “You planning on introducing your lady, or do I have to do it myself?”

Mason chuckled. “Katerina Nemecek, meet my baby brother, Caleb.”

 She took his outstretched hand. “Nice to meet you.”

 He raised his eyebrows at his brother. “The pleasure is all mine.” Caleb held onto her long enough to watch his brother’s coffee eyes heat. With a grin at Mason, he dropped her hand. “So, Katerina is the woman you’ve been mooning over lately?”

 Mooning over? Was he that dopey?