I know, a post about the weather seems lame, but just in the last three weeks we’ve had a tornado (several, actually), a snow day (3 inches!), unseasonably warm temperatures (today’s high was 79), severe thunderstorms (last night) and tomorrow’s high is only 69.  So, yeah, I might be lame, but this is crazy!

I also want to apologize for being quiet here on the blog lately–I have been super busy, but I have been writing.  Last night Dance With Me ended up at 19,350 words and there’s more story to tell, so I’m thinking we’re looking at an April release instead of March, and it will end up longer than I’d originally estimated.  There was a character who appeared I hadn’t expected, and some twists and turns I hadn’t planned, so I hope you like it when it’s finished!

Since I have been hanging out with Katerina and Mason, I have not gone back to Speeding in the last few weeks.  I promise I won’t leave you hanging forever with it, but jumping out of Kat and Mason’s heads into Kendall and Reid’s has not worked terribly well, so I just ask you bear with me.  That story has SO much more coming, and I promise we’ll get there… as soon as I can get there.

So, since I’ve made you wait a while for it, let’s pretend it Sunday and do six sentences from Dance, shall we?

They weren’t listening to her anyway. She’d call Mason and he would fix this. A lawyer. He’d have to get her a lawyer. She slumped against the scarred seat. Yesterday had been like a fairytale and today she was handcuffed in the back of a police car before lunchtime.