This week started with food poisoning, moved into that sick hangover and then began a hellish week at the store where everyone decided to bring in their entire jewelry box to be appraised.  Oh, and yesterday, I cut 700 words from Dance that just weren’t working for me.  The reasoning behind it was good–it wasn’t reflecting the characters as they would react–but it was disheartening nonetheless.  So, yeah, a long week indeed.

I know I promised a snippet in my last post, so…  How about six sentences from Dance With Me?

 In her dance, she let it all fall away, let the music move through her. When the final notes played, she was panting with exertion and oblivious to the clapping in the room.

God, she was sexy. Unable to stand the other men watching her, clapping for her, he strode across the room and swept her into his arms. She was his, and no one and nothing would keep her from him. He cupped her chin and brought his mouth down on hers fiercely.

So, now it’s time to replace those words and add more!  Onward and upward!