Since I’m not participating in Six Sentence Sunday this week, I thought I’d give you a snippet of Speeding, Chapter 11.  The chapter is almost finished, but I’m not happy with it yet, so I’m not ready to post.  Dance with Me has been taking most of my writing time, and since I’d like to have that done and ready for purchase in March, I hope that’s understandable.

That said, here’s a little taste of Chapter 11.

After a quick stop at the station to check in with Jason, they made their way to Roger and Helen Caufield’s cottage in Tyler.

 “I’m not ready for this,” Annie whispered.

 “Sure you are,” Kendall promised with a smile. “Your grandparents are wonderful.”

 She made a face. “It’s just weird. I mean, I knew I wanted a Dad. But I didn’t think about more grandparents or,” she faltered, “or, you.”

 “C’mon, ladies, let’s go inside before Mom comes looking for us,” Reid said as he opened Kendall’s door. Chuckling he added, “Will I have to pull you out this time, too?”

 Kendall laughed at his question. “No, I like your parents. It’s Annie who’s worried this time.”

 “They’ll love you, kiddo. Mom cooked a feast, so if we don’t go in soon, she’ll come out and drag us in.”

 “They’ll love you, and then next month we have to go to Atlanta for your uncle’s wedding. Tons of family will be running around there.” Kendall flashed a grin at Reid. “Maybe we’ll be married before then, too, and I’ll be your stepmom.”

I’m boring this week, but I will try and be back at least one more before the week is out.  And… as soon as I am happy with Chapter 11, I will update the site.