As you’ve seen here, I tend to only write a review when I liked (or loved) a book, but I *do* appreciate a well thought out, honest review before I purchase a book.  One bad review won’t necessarily sway me from reading, but I will invariably choose to read the few one and two star reviews instead of many four and five star reviews before making a purchase.  Why?  Well, because if there are, say, twelve four star and better reviews and four two star and lower reviews, what were those readers seeing?  Was she not in the mood for the genre she chose? (Huge pet peeve–if you didn’t want to read BSDM, or paranormal, or whatnot, WHY did you buy it?!)  Was she put off by something in the story that they other reviewers didn’t mind?  Was she distracted by typos or editing the others overlooked?

Typically if I like the blurb of a story, I will buy it regardless of the reviews (well, unless there are lots and lots of low scores–usually that is for editing and grammar and not for the story itself), but occasionally I’ll find something that turns me off and in the end saves me money.

I will read almost anything–although I have a tendency to stay under the Romance umbrella– but there are certain things that I just can’t slog through. I abhor first person POV, so unless something is incredibly engaging, I won’t bother (I do find it really funny I am writing in first person right now right, though.)  I need at least an HFN ending, although I prefer the hearts and flowers of an HEA, and I really, really don’t like whiny women…  I used to be a “must finish this book” type reader, but now I’m finding if I lose interest, I’ll let myself lose interest and move on.

So, that leads me to my question of the post: Do you read reviews before making a purchase?  And… (ooh, two-parter!) What turns you off when reading reviews, or blurbs, or, well, books?