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Don’t ask me why, but the last 1500 words of Dance have started out longhand in a notebook before making it into the actual document.  Some edits and changes have occurred in the transcribing process, but for the most part the story has remained relatively intact.  What is strange is I can sit here on the laptop and not be sure what happens next (we’ve talked about my issues as a full-fledged pantser), but later when the computer is put away, some piece of dialog comes to me and I have to write it down.  There are notebooks and pens all over the house (although, I should probably be more careful since I don’t particularly think Girlchild needs to read my material… hmm…) and I always have a notebook in my purse too.  Saturday something even popped in my head at work, so scrawled it out as fast as I could and tucked it away.

Sometimes a story just flows as I type, but this one has been hit or miss.  Every story–every character combination–is different, and I guess Kat and Mason don’t like coming only as scheduled.  I wonder if I’m the exception or the rule.

I’d love insight if anyone has any 🙂  The best thing is that the story has gained 1500 words.  I guess I shouldn’t be worried how they arrived there, should I?